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Presentation on proposed Assisted Living Community Project for families of Persons with Mental Illness @Amar Jyoti Special School, Karnal

Updated: Mar 23

A report by Aman Batish, Co-Founder Manas Mitra


Manas Mitra organized a presentation on its proposed ‘Assisted Living Community’ project for the intended beneficiaries -families of persons with mental illness at Amar Jyoti Special School, Karnal on March 16, 2024.

The objectives of the event were:

  1. To explain the details of the project like the proposed layout and design of a model facility, services and amenities, and the project's expected cost to the beneficiary families.

  2. To register those beneficiaries who are interested in this project in ‘Manas Mitra Caregivers Forum’

The presentation included the layout plans and artistic renderings of the facility to explain the design to the beneficiaries along with the expected cost of the project and the cost of the residential units (Studio and 1 BHK unit). The concept of the ‘Lease for Life’ model of operation for the project, nature of ownership, transfer of ownership, and benefits like the return of ‘Principal Amount’ upon transfer of ownership to the next beneficiary family were also explained.

Many families expressed interest in the project and four families registered to become members of ‘Manas Mitra Caregivers Forum’.

The beneficiaries who may not be able to afford the Lease-for-life proposal were also encouraged to join the project as 'workers/ employees' to avail of benefits.

Besides the beneficiaries, the event was attended by Dr. Manish Bathla, a practicing psychiatrist from Karnal and former Head of the Psychiatry Department at Mulana Medical College, and Mr. Rahul, a clinical psychologist at the satellite center, Nilokheri.

Dr. Manish pointed out the benefits and effectiveness of such a project to the beneficiaries and encouraged them to become a part of this project.

Mr. Rahul informed the beneficiaries about the toll-free helpline ‘Tele Manas’ providing free counseling to those in need. He also expressed willingness to provide support in arranging presentations about this project at other centers for persons with mental illness/ special schools in the Karnal region.

The event ended with a vote of thanks by Sister Gladis, Principal Amar Jyoti School and the distribution of certificates to the young student volunteers who helped in conducting the event. Refreshments were served to all the participants.

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