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Manas Mitra Trust

An artistic impression of a schematic design for Manas Mitra Center

Manas Mitra (set up in March 2021) is a Trust formed with the primary objective of providing support and assistance to families providing care to persons with mental disorders for therapy and rehabilitation.

The extended objectives to further this primary objective include:

  • Creating physical infrastructure including assisted community living centers day-care facilities etc.

  • Creating online infrastructure for networking through mobile and web-based apps etc.

  • Undertaking sustenance activities to support the established institutions & centers

  • Networking (beneficiaries, professionals, volunteers & stakeholders)

  • Undertake & promote Scientific Research in the field of mental health

  • Skill development & training (for beneficiaries, professionals, volunteers & stakeholders)

  • Workshops and conferences (including community awareness programs)

  • Ancillary and supplementary activities (counseling & career guidance, scholarships, old-age homes)

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