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Our Work

In line with our Trust objectives we have been carrying out welfare activities for beneficiaries in the following categories:

1) Core beneficiaries (persons with mental illness / disability and their families or caregivers)

2) Allied activities (related to mental health and stress management through spiritual knowledge and wisdom)

3) General welfare activities (public welfare activities carried out for people in general other than our core beneficiaries such as providing help and relief in times of calamities)



krishnotsav 2021 Special

Category: Core beneficiaries


An online cultural program held for specially-abled children by Manas Mitra in collaboration with Well Being Special School NOIDA and Madhuban Ashram Hrishikesh on the occasion of Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2021. The event was streamed live on the Facebook page of Madhuban Ashram.

The program included events like Painting, Art and Craft, Singing, Recitation, Dancing and Fancy dress performances by children suffering from Autism from Well Being Special School, NOIDA. The children participated in large numbers and with great enthusiasm depicting events from the life of Lord Sri Krishna. The program was included as a part of Krishnotsav 2021, a larger annual cultural program for school children in general, organised by and held at Madhuban Ashram, Hrishikesh to celebrate Sri Krishna Janmashtami every year.


online talks

Category: Allied activities


These activities include talks and workshops etc. held in collaboration with other organisations or directly under the aegis of Manas Mitra.

The objectives of these activities include:

  1. Making the people at large more aware about mental health.

  2. Helping people to learn about strategies to manage the stress and anxieties of day-to-day modern life using the spiritual knowledge and wisdom from scriptures like the Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam etc.



Help during covid 2nd wave

Category: General welfare


Providing Oxygen Concentrators, masks, sanitizers etc. to those in need in Karnal in collaboration with Friends of STCS Class of 94 as detailed below:

  1. Oxygen concentrator was provided to Mrs Usha Dixit from Karnal upon doctor’s recommendation.

  2. A UV sanitizer Box was designed, fabricated and handed over for sanitising Oxygen Concentrators and other equipment after being returned by beneficiaries.

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