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Assisted Living Community

Proposed Group Housing project for families taking care of persons with mental illness at Karnal, Haryana.

Addressing the common problems of all Caregivers

  1. What after us?

  2. How will we manage care of ourself and our loved one (PMI) when we get old?

  3. How will the assets created by us for the care of PMI after we pass away?

The solution - a group housing for caregiver families with assistance in day to day practical problems faced while providing care to PMI. This resolves the stumbling blocks like resource crunch and trust deficit in family carers about paid helpers and provides a 'home-like' environment for long term care of PMI in the supervision of their families.


  • Studio & 1-BHK Residences

  • Assistance for Care of PMI

  • Mess & Dining Facility

  • Guest House Facility

  • Spiritual Center

  • Community Center

  • Hobby Classes & Activities

  • Geriatric Care/limited medicare

  • Facility for care of PMI after demise of family carers

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