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Our Services

We offer the following services in collaboration with our partners to our core beneficiaries which include persons with mental disorders and their family members/ caregivers

Manas Mitra Art & Therapy Center

Falt #204, KSN Square, Sector-3, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad

therapy & counselling

Occupational therapy & speech therapy for specially-abled children. Counselling on matters related to stress management for caregivers, career opportunities for persons with mental illness/disability by professional counsellors. 

events | workshops & classes

Online and offline classes and workshops for groups and one-to-one sessions for health & wellbeing,  vocational training and skill development of beneficiaries


Sessions on spiritual knowledge with special focus on applied knowledge for well being and holistic health of our core beneficiaries and people in general


Professional legal, financial, technical and limited medical advice for our core beneficiaries

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