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Register as a freelance professional service provider

If you are a freelance mental healthcare professional such as a psychiatrist, a clinical psychologist, a nurse or a psychiatric social worker, you can register with us to provide services to beneficiaries on a paid basis through us. 


If you have suitable skills to meaningfully contribute and are willing to do so free of cost as a gesture of help, you can register with us as a volunteer to assist in our programs such as hobby classes or vocational training workshops, mental health awareness campaigns under the supervision of mental healthcare professionals. 


We have a vision that can potentially transform the way mental health care is provided for the good of both -persons with mental illness and their caregivers. Our model being caregiver-centric will provide support to the supporters and thereby ultimately benefit the person with mental illness. For this, we need to create physical and online infrastructure which requires funds. You can help us by donating or by fundraising.


In Person

601, KSN Square, Plot No. 12-14, Sector-3, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad -201012

Uttar Pradesh, India

Over the Phone

+91 70117 13965

By Email

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