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Manas Mitra Center

  • A SUSTAINABLE, FARM-BASED community type establishment involving both caregivers and persons with mental illness.

  • Spirituality to be a major element of lifestyle

  • Residents engaged in productive activities based on capability and interest.

  • The capability of patients periodically monitored and evaluated by experts.

  • The environment shall be extremely calm and serene –living in contact with nature.


Spiritual & Cultural Centre

  • The hub and pivot of activity in the center

  • Open Air Theatre

  • Exhibition Galleries and Space for workshops

  • Multi-religious spiritual plaza.


Residential Facilities

  • Studio apartments with attached toilet and kitchenette for patient and caregiver.

  • Private room with attached toilet for patient and caregiver.

  • Shared rooms with attached toilets for 2 patients and their caregivers.

  • Dormitory type accommodation with attached toilet for 6-8 patients and their caregivers.

  • 1 BHK apartment for families who may wish to move in on a permanent basis.

  • Day-care center for residents whose caregivers wish to go out for work and also for non-resident patients.

  • Guest rooms for visiting family members.


Food & Dining facility

  • Sattvik food cooked on-site and served in messes/ common dining.

  • All vegetables and fruits are grown organically on-site to be used for the center. 

  • A herbal garden to be set up as well.

  • Residents can cook their own Sattvik Food in their accommodation.

  • Non-vegetarian food, alcohol in any form and smoking etc. strictly not allowed on campus.

Who shall be the residents?
  • Caregiving families of along with the person suffering from any mental illness of any category (Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, etc.) or mental disorder (Autism, Down Syndrome, etc.) which affect mental health condition. 

  • Caregivers of such patients, relatives if they can accompany their patient or *hired persons employed by the family of the patient.

  • However, the special needs of patients will be analyzed by experts to see if the patients can be accommodated in the facility. 

  • Patients with acute conditions requiring hospitalization may be excluded.

  • The center is primarily a residential facility and not a hospital. The center does not intend to deal with the issue of Substance abuse.

* Police verification must for hired care-givers

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