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2023 | Caregivers meet-cum-Workshop @Rewari, Haryana

A report by Aman Batish, Co-founder Manas Mitra


Manas Mitra conducted a Caregivers meet-cum-workshop for families providing care to persons with mental disorders (specially-abled children) at Nav-Prerna School for Specially-abled Children, Rewari on October 8, 2023.

The event was organized in collaboration with Sri Ram Yuva Shakha of Bharat Vikas Parishad, Rewari and Nav-Prerna Society, Rewari.

The event was attended by a large number of parents/caregivers of specially-abled children from Rewari, Haryana.

The following talk sessions were conducted:

Session-1 on Stress Management for Caregivers by Sh. Dhananjay Kumar, Co-founder Manas Mitra. Some effective strategies for stress relief including simple breathing exercises, meditative chanting and basics of Srimad Bhagavad Gita’s philosophy related to stress management were discussed with parents.

Session-2 on Caregivers’ problems and solutions by Aman Batish, Co-founder Manas Mitra. During this session the common problems faced by caregivers were elaborately discussed. The issues ranged from lack of trained resource persons and professional help, caregivers’ trust issues and the most overwhelming concern of all caregivers -What will happen after they are no more? Manas Mitra’s vision and proposed solutions to these problems were presented to the caregivers. The solutions based on Assisted Community Living, formation of self-help groups for localized solutions like Caregivers’ Club with Daycare facilities to give relief from caregiving responsibilities etc. were shared with the participants. Proposals for other places such as a One-Acre Assisted Community Living based Group Housing Project being discussed with Caregivers in Karnal were also shared.

The participants were able to relate with the problems discussed during the sessions. Some of the parents showed interest in discussing the solutions in greater detail.

An OPD session for assessment of speech therapy requirements for children and assessment of their dental hygiene were also arranged by the co-organizers -Sri Ram Yuva Shakha of Bharat Vikas Parishad, Rewari and Nav-Prerna Society, Rewari. Refreshments for all the participants were also arranged by them.

Manas Mitra is thankful to these organizations for providing us with an opportunity to interact with Caregivers of Rewari and we look forward to work with them on solutions of their specific local issues and concerns.

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